Podcast: Graphistania 2.0 – Episode 5 – This Month in Neo4j

These are interesting times. These are difficult times, but we can deal with it together, as a community, as a graph. So that’s why we were super happy that, just as Belgium was going into lockdown last week, we were able to record another Graphistania podcast episode for you, talking about the world in general, but also covering some of the amazing graph use cases that drifted over our screens in the past month, in the This Week in Neo4j (TWIN4J) newsletter.

Bloodhound: Windows network penetration testing with Neo4j, had a new release that you might want to take a look at. If you are not familiar with Bloodhound yet, you may also want to check out my interview with the Bloodhound crew on this podcast a while back.

We did a great 4.0 webinar that is giving you a lot of info on what to expect in the new version of Neo4j.

Hear more: https://soundcloud.com/graphistania/graphistania-20-episode-5