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Staying true to its mission­ to help the world make sense of data­ Neo4j welcomes you to our partner network. By joining forces with Neo4j, partners have an opportunity to leverage the world’s leading graph technology that's playing an increasingly pivotal role in enterprise innovation and transformation.

Partner Program Overview

The Neo4j Partner Program (NPP) enables solution and technology businesses to meet the needs of global enterprise customers who are rapidly adopting graph technology. This program helps partners create and sell Neo4j solutions by offering valuable resources and support.

Of those global enterprises, over 50% run Neo4j Enterprise Edition in the cloud, opening up hundreds of partnership opportunities for cloud consulting and deployment.

Neo4j customers and prospects look to the NPP for subject matter expertise and proficiency in designing and implementing highly impactful solutions built on Neo4j. As Neo4j continues to democratize mainstream data management platforms, and integrations with popular Business Intelligence (BI) tools and workflows, opportunities for Neo4j partners abound.

More than 75% of Fortune 100 companies already work with Neo4j and its hundreds of partners across the globe

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"We chose to partner with Neo4j specifically due to their innovation and leadership in graph database technology; the release of the data connector allows data engineers, developers, and analysts to further benefit from the AI-powered interactive analytics Sisense provides by contextualizing the relationships and insights hidden within large volumes of data."

Steven Larsen, VP, Platform Partnerships & Alliances, Sisense

"Joining the Neo4j Partner Program was a great decision for our team. We received all the support we needed to enable our customers to use graph technology and there are always new opportunities to connect with prospects. Being listed as a Neo4j partner has given us an edge over our competitors and has played a major role in closing deals."

Jean Villedieu, Head of Sales, Linkurious

"Confluent has partnered with Neo4j to make it easier for enterprises to transition to graph architectures. The Neo4j Partner Program makes it simple to connect with the global graph community – all while receiving unbeatable partner support from the Neo4j partner team.”

Sid Rabindran, Director, Technology Partners, Confluent

"We've collaborated with Neo4j through its partner program for over seven years, making sure our customers benefit from and succeed with the world's leading graph technology. In collaboration with Neo4j, we're able to help customers understand their connected data and surface actionable insights."

Michal Bachman, CEO, GraphAware

"The Neo4j Partner Program has provided a wide variety of resources to build, market and sell with Neo4j. With support from the Neo4j team, we have been able to rapidly deliver solutions with quantifiable business value to our customers. Becoming a Neo4j partner has translated into actual increases in revenue.

Josep Taruella, Co-Founder, Graph Everywhere