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For small development projects, learning, experimentation, and prototyping.

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Feature Highlights:
  • Forever free! One fully managed graph database
  • No credit card or other payment method required
  • Up to 200k nodes and 400k relationships
  • More sample datasets to explore
  • Bloom data discovery and visualization included
  • Access to the largest online graph community


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For medium-scale applications in advanced development or production environments.

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Everything in Free, plus:
  • Up to 64 GB memory per database instance
  • Unlimited database instances
  • Daily backups, 7-day retention
  • On-demand snapshots
  • Credit card payment or Cloud marketplace billing integration


For large-scale, mission-critical applications that require advanced security and 24x7 support.


Everything in Professional, plus:
  • Up to 384 GB memory per database instance
  • 99.95% guaranteed uptime SLA
  • Role-based access control with granular security
  • VPC isolation and dedicated infrastructure
  • Custom pricing and sales contracts
  • Premium 24x7 support and services
  • Hourly backups with 90-day retention
  • Support for AWS, Azure, and GCP marketplace private offers
*Sales tax may be applied to all orders shipping to MA, NY, TN, TX or WA, and this amount will be updated and added to your order total once you have entered your shipping address. If you are located elsewhere, your jurisdiction may require you to report this purchase and pay the appropriate taxes directly.

Simple Pricing, Predictable Cost

Simple, transparent pricing

You only pay for provisioned database capacity – no extras for storage, compute, IO, network or backups. With hourly metering, costs are simple to model and predict.

Scale seamlessly, on demand

Easily add or reduce capacity with a few clicks to meet your changing needs, without any service interruption.

Pause on demand, save 80%

Pause your database when not in use and save 80% of running cost. Your data and backups are stored securely. Resume with just a click.

Capacity-based consumption pricing, no extras

Included in your price:

Data Transfer
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Graph Database Service
Instance size
Limits on node and relationship counts
1GB - 64GB (RAM)
4GB - 384GB (RAM)
Automated upgrades and patches, no scheduled maintenance window or downtime
Fault tolerant
Cloud tenancy
Single-tenant with VPC isolation, dedicated cloud infrastructure
Cloud providers
AWS, Azure, and GCP
On-demand query logs
Service availability SLA
99.95% uptime
Multi-User Console Control
Multi-availability zone clusters
Clone database
Pause database
Automatic after 3 days of inactivity
On demand
On demand
Resume database
On demand or auto-deleted after 90 days
On demand or auto-resumed after 30 days
On demand or auto-resumed after 30 days
Tools Integrations and Ecosystem
Neo4j Browser
Neo4j Bloom data visualization
Standard procedure library (APOC-core)
Data Connector: Apache Spark
Data Connector: Apache Kafka
Data Connector: Business Intelligence (BI)
Backup frequency/RPO
Backup retention
7 day
90 day
On-demand point-in-time snapshots
Encryption (at rest, in transit)
DBMS Level Role-based Access Control
Fine-grained database security
Private VPC endpoints
Security logs
Single sign-on
Pricing and Usage
Capacity-based consumption pricing model
Pay-as-you-go with credit card
Prepaid contract terms with custom pricing
Cloud marketplace billing
Volume discounts
Terms of Service
Enterprise with commercial negotiations
Cloud marketplace private offers
Customer Support and Success
Best Effort
24x7 premium, 1 hour Sev-1 response
Access to Neo4j professional services

The best way to run Neo4j on-premises, in your private cloud, or public cloud infrastructure.

Community Edition

For learning Neo4j and smaller projects that do not require high levels of availability, scaling, or professional services and support.

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Feature Highlights:
  • Open source under GPLv3
  • Fully featured, best-in-class native graph database
  • Cypher graph query language
  • Fully ACID transactions
  • Fully compatible with Neo4j Graph Data Science community edition

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise-grade availability and security with scale-up and scale-out options. Run in your private cloud or public cloud infrastructure.

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Feature Highlights:
  • Includes all features from community edition
  • Unlimited horizontal scaling with replication and sharding
  • Fine-grained access controls
  • High availability and advanced manageability
  • Available as an operational cluster or stand-alone data science environment
Two Ways to Get Experience
Learn with Neo4j Sandbox

Start using Neo4j in seconds with built-in guides and datasets for popular use cases. No download or experience required.

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Develop with Neo4j Desktop

Code, query, manage, and visualize with desktop. Includes tools and unlimited free developer license for Neo4j Enterprise Edition.

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Property Graph Model
Native Graph Processing & Storage
ACID Transactions
Cypher Graph Query Language
Graph Size Limit
34 Billion Nodes
Clustering and Self-healing
Multi-graph Architecture
Graph Data Science Performance
4 CPU Max
Unlimited CPU and Larger Graph Support
Graph Data Science Machine Learning (ML)
3 Model, No Persistence
Unlimited Models, Persist & Share
Open Source License

Feature List

Choose the Edition that Matches Your Business Needs



Server Architecture

  • Native Graph Processing & Storage
  • ACID Transactions
  • Auto Reuse of Deleted Space
  • Property Graph Model
  • High Performance Caching
  • Cypher Graph Query Language


  • Full Text Indexing and Search
  • Native Index Population

Client, Drivers and Connectivity

  • Neo4j Desktop and Browser
  • Bolt Binary Protocol
  • Language Drivers
  • Reactive Drivers
  • High Throughput Load Balancing
  • Spring Boot Starter

Graph Data Science (GDS)

  • Algorithms and Embeddings
  • Pregel API
  • Parallelization
  • Model Catalog


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High Availability & Operations

  • Causal Clustering
  • Hot Backups
  • Multi-Database
  • Consistent 24x7 performance with Auto Cache Reheating
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Enterprise Diagnostics
  • Production Certified


  • Role-Based Security
  • LDAP/Active Directory Integration
  • Schema-Based Security
  • Intra-Cluster Encryption
  • Security Event Logging
  • Brute Force Protection

Scalability & Performance

  • Sharding & Federation with Fabric
  • Graphs of Unlimited Size
  • Faster Cypher


  • Multi-Graph Database
  • Federated Data
  • Data Sharding

Graph Data Science (GDS)*

  • Algorithms and Embeddings
  • Pregel API
  • Unlimited Parallelization
  • Fine Grained Security
  • Unlimited Model Catalog
  • Model Persistence & Publication
  • Low Memory Analytics Graph Format

*GDS Enterprise Edition is offered as a 3 product bundle which includes the Neo4j GDS library, the Neo4j Database and a 5-user license of Neo4j Bloom.

Neo4j offers the only graph data science engine built for data scientists to improve predictions and ML models, at scale, with seamless integration across the data stack to get more data science projects to production. Compare editions and start extracting insights from your data today.


Graph Data Science Community


Neo4j Graph Data Science Community Edition is open source for small projects, learning, experimentation, and prototyping.

Start Free
  • Maximum of 4 CPU cores
  • Open source

Graph Data Science Enterprise

Neo4j Graph Data Science is a self-hosted offer, available on-premises or in the cloud, with annual licensing.

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  • Premium support included
  • Pay with committed spend from AWS, GCP, or Azure
  • Read replicas
  • Hybrid clusters

Fully Managed

AuraDS Professional

starting at


AuraDS Professional is the fastest way to take your graph data science experiments to production with monthly billing.

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  • 8-96GB (RAM) See size increments and cost
  • Pay as you go: credit card or Google Cloudbilling
  • Automated updates/patches
  • Pause instance when not in use
  • Pay 80% less when instance paused

AuraDS Enterprise

AuraDS Enterprise offers additional scale, security, premium support, and negotiable contracts.

Request Pricing
  • 8-384GB (RAM)
  • Automated updates and patches
  • Pause instances when not in use, pay 80% less
  • Custom pricing and sales contracts
  • Premium 24x7 support
  • Support for Google Cloudmarketplace private offers
  • Dedicated virtual private cloud (VPC)
*Sales tax may be applied to all orders shipping to MA, NY, TN, TX or WA, and this amount will be updated and added to your order total once you have entered your shipping address. If you are located elsewhere, your jurisdiction may require you to report this purchase and pay the appropriate taxes directly.
Graph Data Science Community
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Graph Data Science Enterprise
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AuraDS Enterprise

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Data Science Workspace
Single API used for data load, analysis, and write-back
Single interface that includes both the analytics surface and graph database
65+ graph algorithms, embeddings, and ML models
Native Python client
Pregel API (write your own algorithms)
Apache Arrow Integration for Graph Projections
Optimized Graph Implementation
≤ 4 CPUs
Use up to 20 CPUs
Use up to 40 CPUs
Model catalog
3 models
Workload progress transparency
Operationalize models with persistence
Publish models for sharing
Instance size
Starting at 8 cores / 128GB (RAM) and up
up to 96GB (RAM)
up to 384GB (RAM)
Automated updates and patches
On-demand query logs
Flexible architecture options
Pay with committed spend from a cloud provider
AWS, GCP, Azure
Virtual Private Cloud Network Integration
GCP Service Connect
User Tools and Connectors
Neo4j Graph Database
Neo4j Browser
Neo4j Bloom
Neo4j Spark Connector
Neo4j Kafka Connector
Neo4j BI Connector
Neo4j Data Warehouse Connector
On-demand, point-in-time snapshots
Backup method
One-click backups
One-click backups
Backup retention
180 days
180 days
Cloud tenancy
Isolated VPC
Encryption at rest and in transit
Fine-grained access control
Security logs
Private VPC endpoints available via GCP
Customer Support
Premium support
Best effort
Premium support
Access to Neo4j Professional Services

Pricing and features are subject to change.

*Sales tax may be applied to all orders shipping to MA, NY, TN, TX or WA, and this amount will be updated and added to your order total once you have entered your shipping address. If you are located elsewhere, your jurisdiction may require you to report this purchase and pay the appropriate taxes directly.

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