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Neo4j 5: Higher Speed with Easy Scale-Out

Connecting and analyzing complex data relationships has never been easier. Neo4j 5 includes more power so you can ask deeper-context questions with faster results, scale out more easily with less cost, and operate more efficiently.

Automated Scale-out

Scale out automatically to handle higher throughput and very large graphs

Autonomous Clustering

Scale out to hundreds of machines with significantly lower infrastructure cost and little to no manual effort.

Instant, Multi-cluster Fabric

Use Cypher to instantaneously create a composite graph database and unify data silos or query across shards.

Easy, Powerful Queries

Write complex queries more easily and execute them faster

Up to 1000x Faster K-Hop Query

Variable length queries involving multiple hops are now explored "breadth-first" instead of "depth first."

Graph Pattern Matching

Easier to write complex pattern-matching queries with new boolean syntax for label and relationship type expressions.

New and Enhanced Indexes

New RANGE and POINT indexes. Trigrams-enhanced TEXT indexes make some queries up to 100x faster.

Easy powerful queries
Operational Agility

Operational Agility

Streamline operations for deployments in any host

Neo4j Ops Manager

A unified operations console for monitoring and administering Neo4j deployments.

Any-to-Any Rolling Upgrade

Go directly from any Neo4j 5 version to later versions without intermediary upgrades.

Differential Backup and Restore

Simpler and faster backup. Differential backup enables point-in-time restore.

Continuous Release

Get the latest product advancements for self-managed Neo4j on a frequent release schedule and ensure the compatibility of self-managed and Aura workloads.

For more details, download “What's New in Neo4j 5”

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  • What's New in Aura and Neo4j 5 for Developers
  • Introduction to Neo4j 5 for Administrators
  • Neo4j 5 Foundations for Scale
  • Graph Pattern Matching
  • Neo4j Ops Manager, Intro and Roadmap
  • Index Changes in Neo4j 5