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Production Pilot Service

The Production Pilot Service creates a production-ready, single-instance Neo4j database using a production-size dataset you provide. This graph database service uses a lifecycle approach and methodology from capturing business requirements and data modeling, to loading and querying the data as well as basic graph visualization in the Neo4j Browser. Duration of the service is dependent on the number of data sources but typically comes out to five days per data source.

Health Check

With the Health Check Service, a Neo4j Consultant provides fine-tuning and optimization of your graph database environment. Typical areas of review include the data model, query performance and optimization, platform configuration, High Availability architecture, database settings and configuration. This service is scoped and priced based on your requirements and the complexity of the environment.

Graph Database Managed Service

Managing your heterogeneous enterprise IT environment on your own while keeping up with today’s IT demands can be complex, costly and time-consuming. With this service, the Neo4j Professional Services team manages and monitors your Neo4j graph database environment for you, no matter where it resides.

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