Release Date: 11 December 2013
Neo4j 2.0 is a major release which introduces significant changes to the Property Graph model, Cypher query language, and the user experience. Notably, this release introduces:
  • Node labels — for marking nodes as members of a named group
  • Cypher enhancements — new clauses, new functions, improved syntax
  • Neo4j Browser — a new developer-focused user interface
Because of the significant changes, current users are cautioned to migrate to this release carefully. We recommend verifying the syntax and validating all responses from your Cypher scripts, REST calls, and Java code before upgrading any production system. Upgrading to Neo4j 2.0.0 can not be reversed. For information about upgrading, please see our Upgrading to Neo4j 2.0 FAQ. For a full summary of changes in this release, please review the CHANGES.TXT file contained within the distribution. Note: All features marked as deprecated in the Neo4j 1.9 release series have been removed. Please see the list of deprecations for any previous release in the Neo4j manual.