Release Date: 4 September 2014

Neo4j 2.1.4 is a maintenance release, with critical improvements.

Notably, this release addresses the following:

  • Reduces memory usage of many Cypher queries by allowing more queries to stream data rather than eagerly loading it all into memory.
  • Resolves an issue whereby transactions that deleted relationships may not be correctly rolled back on failure.
  • Resolves an issue whereby multiple additions and removals of the same label or property in the same transaction could lead to the label or property not being correctly committed.
  • Resolves an issue that prevented logging after a store upgrade was performed.
  • Resolves a rare race condition that could cause a relationship to appear twice in the results of a query.
  • Substantially improves the performance of index lookups occurring as part of large transactions.
  • Resolves an issue that could occur in Neo4j HA clusters, such that removing of relationships could result in other relationships on the same node not being found during a subsequent query.
  • Corrects the reporting in JMX of a cluster instances current role (Neo4j Enterprise).
  • Resolves a variety of concerns around upgrading HA clusters (Neo4j Enterprise) – please refer to the HA upgrade section of the manual for instructions.
  • Provides support for directly upgrading Neo4j 1.9.x stores to this version – please refer to the upgrade section of the manual for instructions.

All Neo4j 2.x users are recommended to upgrade to this release. Upgrading to Neo4j 2.1 requires a migration to the on-disk store and can not be reversed. Please ensure you have a valid backup before proceeding, then use on a test or staging server to understand any changed behaviors before going into production.

Users who previously upgraded Neo4j 2.0 data stores to Neo4j 2.1.1 should consult our blog post regarding this release.

Neo4j 1.9 users may upgrade directly to this release, and are recommended to do so carefully. We strongly encourage verifying the syntax and validating all responses from your Cypher scripts, REST calls, and Java code before upgrading any production system. For information about upgrading from Neo4j 1.9, please see our Upgrading to Neo4j 2 FAQ.

For a full summary of changes in this release, please review the CHANGES.TXT file contained within the distribution.