Release Date: 5 April 2019
Neo4j 3.5.4 is a maintenance release with many important improvements and fixes.


  • Three improvements around uniqueness constraint creation: (1) Indexes of type UNIQUE without a constraint can be dropped using DROP INDEX ON :Label(key). (2) Uniqueness constraint creation will not be subject to the dbms.transaction.timeout timeout. (3) Uniqueness constraint creation transaction will notice termination, e.g. termination using killQuery/killTransaction procedures will actually terminate it.
  • Show query termination message when closing frame that has an active query
  • Only print number of commands in toString() of PhysicalTransactionRepresentation
  • ClusterBinding Shutdown
  • Fix rare bug in slotted runtime which would manifest as an exception with the message Tried to copy more data into less in Cypher queries with execution plans containing an Apply with a Optional and a Distinct on its right hand side
  • BlockBasedIndexPopulator uniqueness check handle false negatives

Detailed Changes and Docs

For the complete list of all changes, please see the changelog. Look for 3.5 Operations manual here.


When upgrading to Neo4j 3.5 for the first time, be sure to read the current upgrade instructions in the Neo4j Operations Manual, as there are additional steps and considerations.