Release Date: 24 May 2019
Neo4j 3.5.6 is a maintenance release with many important improvements and fixes.


  • Fix memory hogging query collector
  • A new dbms.checkpoint procedure has been added. This is useful for when you change the log pruning configuration, and you want the changes to take effect quickly. Note that calling this procedure can have a negative effect on transaction throughput because it temporarily disables the dbms.checkpoint.iops.limit setting.
  • Fix rounding error in DurationValue approximate
  • Fix bug with node reference leaking to bolt server
  • Backup no longer logs in running server debug.log but will now be logged to backup path/logs/debug.log
  • Escape auto-completed labels, types and property keys in editor.

Detailed Changes and Docs

For the complete list of all changes, please see the changelog. Look for 3.5 Operations manual here.


When upgrading to Neo4j 3.5 for the first time, be sure to read the current upgrade instructions in the Neo4j Operations Manual, as there are additional steps and considerations.