Release Date: 11 August 2022
Neo4j 4.1.12 is a maintenance release with many important improvements and fixes. Neo4j 4.1 has reached End of Life.


  • Fix bolt connections to respect dynamic setting of dbms.transaction.timeout


  • Bug fix: Neo4j now also accepts datetime expressions including an offset of times immediately after switching from summer time to winter time.

  • Fix bug where planner would fail to find a sorted plan to fulfil order on two variables including aggregation, which would result in issuing an "Expected a sorted plan" error.

  • Adds blocklist of ip addresses for cypher’s outbound http requests


  • Fix :auto for multistatement queries

  • Ensure maxframes setting is respected

  • Fix bug where relationship type styling was not applied in sidebar and properties view

  • Limit initial maximum number of items shown in properties view (when large numbers of properties)

  • Support for Neo4j 4.4 SSO, including discovery and refresh tokens

  • Fix issue where fullscreen change didn’t cause re-render

  • Add count to labels/relationship types in the node properties overview

  • Update neo4j driver to 4.4.0

  • Animate opening/closing of properties view

  • Truncate really long values in properties view

  • Store remote guides in Local Storage

  • Show current manuals instead of old if not connected to server

  • Fix change log badge/notification doesn’t appear until sidebar is opened

  • Support new alias feature from neo4j 4.4

  • Add brackets around array type in properties view

  • Upgrade to D3 v7

  • Show hint about :auto on CALL {…} IN TRANSACTIONS

  • Add missing 4.4 keywords

  • Upgrade query plan view to D3 v7

  • Reduce icon size to avoid scroll on single line values in table

  • Display clustering data in :sysinfo frame again

  • Enable setting :params on multiple lines

  • Use shift, cmd or ctrl as mod key for wheel zoom

  • Add zoom to fit button

  • Bump driver to 4.4.2

  • Zoom mod key info message

  • Debounce writing to localstorage to improve performance

  • Remove hard limit of 1000 nodes for visualisation

  • Params template on missing paramters errors

  • Make max record setting user configurable

  • Handle null values in graph viz

  • Remove listConfig call in sys info frame causing error for non admins

  • Improve causal cluster detection

  • Export plan txt and make download dropdown context dependent

  • Set SSO as default if sso providers were present – NOTE only supported from Neo4j 4.4.

  • Fix bug causing autocomplete to no longer work

  • Modernize background queries & remove use of deprectated syntax

  • Always send transaction metadata on cypher queries

  • Read cluster role from SHOW DATABASES rather than deprecated dbms.cluster.role

  • Make sure proper metadata is passed along with queries

  • Handle upcoming setting renames in neo4j 5.0

  • Fix PNG exports font

  • Use SHOW TRANSACTIONS instead of dbms.listQueries in :queries

  • Re-add metrics for successful queries

  • (*) in property panel now shows node count, rather than total label count

  • Add url param to preselect in connect frame


Detailed Changes and Docs

For the complete list of all changes, please see the changelog. Look for 4.1 Operations manual here.