Release Date: 22 September 2021
Neo4j 4.3.4 is a maintenance release with many important improvements and fixes.


  • Fixes an issue where neo4j-admin copy would not complete if there were “enough” deleted node records from the source database. The copy would hang in sorting the sourceDbNodeId –> targetDbNodeId data structure.
  • Transform all hostname characters to lower case
  • Fixes a bug in consistency checker for composite node indexes with lucene+native-3.0 index provider. Consistency checker reported index inconsistencies for all entries in the index even though the values were correctly indexed
  • Fixed a bug where using length() in CYPHER 3.5 mode through Fabric would result in an error.

Detailed Changes and Docs

For the complete list of all changes, please see the changelog. Look for 4.3 Operations manual here.