Release Date: 8 August 2022
Neo4j 4.4.10 is a maintenance release with many important improvements and fixes.


  • Clean usage of deprecated dbms.read_only in default neo4j.conf files.

  • Fixes a bug where some transaction objects could be leaked instead of being released properly.


  • update neo4j-java-driver version to 4.4.9

  • Fix overflow in resource manager. Users could get errors like java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Expected positive long value, got -8589934576 because of an overflow when trying to grow the number of tracked resources.

  • Fix a bug where SHOW TRANSACTIONS would fail when transaction metadata contains types that cannot be serialised to a property (e.g. List)

  • Fix bitIndex < 0: -8 bug when ordering pipelines for dynamic scheduling of OrderedUnion

  • Added rewriter for shortestPath and allShortestPaths with fixed length relationships to instead have a variable length of one [r*1..1].


  • Modernize background queries & remove use of deprectated syntax

  • Always send transaction metadata on cypher queries

  • Read cluster role from SHOW DATABASES rather than deprecated dbms.cluster.role

  • Make sure proper metadata is passed along with queries

  • Handle upcoming setting renames in neo4j 5.0

  • Fix PNG exports font

  • Use SHOW TRANSACTIONS instead of dbms.listQueries in :queries

  • Re-add metrics for successful queries

  • (*) in property panel now shows node count, rather than total label count

  • Add url param to preselect in connect frame


  • Change base image to eclipse temurin JRE not JDK. The JDK is overkill and could introduce unnecessary security issues.

Changelog and Documentation

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