Release Date: 11 October 2022
Neo4j 4.4.12 is a maintenance release with many important improvements and fixes.


  • Fix node degree calculation when relationships are removed in the same transaction


  • Fix issue where performance regressed for queries with “impossible predicates”
  • Added logic to eagerize unstable nodes in subquery delete.
  • Update the list of valid timezones to include Europe/Kyiv, as per IANA 2020b.
  • Fixed bug where DROP DATABASE ... IF EXISTS and ALTER DATABASE ... IF EXISTS ... could give DatabaseNotFoundException when there exists a remote database alias with the name.
  • Fix bug in pipelined runtime where some queries using AssertingMultiNodeIndexSeekOperator would fail incorrectly with Merge did not find a matching node.... For example in queries like UNWIND [0,1] AS id MERGE (n:A:B {id: id}), if there is a uniqueness constraint on the id property for both A and B labels.
  • Fix bug in pipelined runtime where AssertingMultiNodeIndexSeekOperator failed to perform locking index seeks. This could lead to failures when running concurrent transactions in queries like MERGE (n:A:B {id: x}) when we have a uniqueness constraint on id for both labels A and B.
  • Fixed bug for having * and order by id in same RETURN clause


  • Touch up guides ✨styling✨
  • Fix cluster detection on neo4j 4.3+
  • Fix bug with incorrect version number & add git hash to overview in stand-alone deployment
  • Zoom to cursor on scroll in visualization
  • Make sure editor displays full database name
  • Zoom graph to fit after initial visualization animation
  • Clear credentials in connection form on disconnect
  • Update :help articles on INDEX & CONSTRAINT
  • Fix credential timeout without initial user interaction
  • Fix links not being blue and not being highlighted in the sidebar

Changelog and Documentation

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