Release Date: 2 February 2023
Neo4j 4.4.17 is a maintenance release with many important improvements and fixes.


  • Fix reporting of JVM memory metrics


  • Adds eagerness when returning a full entity node if a node or relationships property or label has been updated.
  • fix bug for list literals with in expressions
  • Fix a bug where SKIP and LIMIT was ignored for simple COUNT(…) aggregation queries that was solved with a CountFromCountStore plan.
  • Fixed a bug where an OPTIONAL MATCH with shortestPath, followed by DISTINCT, would fail during planning.
  • Fix performance regression of IN expressions.
  • Upgraded Apache Shiro from 1.10.0 to 1.11.0. This version includes fixes for CVE-2023-22602
  • F
  • ix a bug where group to role mappings defined for OpenID connect in were not matched correctly with claims containing capital letters.
  • Fix bug in MERGE ()-[:R]-()


  • Update driver
  • Fix bug where email was not supported as a username in :server user list
  • Fix performance issue with browser background metadata for rbac users
  • Handle connections to composite databases
  • Fix indent formatting in nested objects
  • Fix relationship stylings not getting applied
  • show alias name in database selector
  • Clear metadata on switching database
  • Add neo4j trial banners
  • Allow setting parameters on composite databases
  • Bugfix: role cluster role incorrectly reported as leader
  • Ensure lost connection doesn’t break browser
  • Bugfix – :auto didn’t handle newlines
  • Update driver to 5.3.0

4.4 Operations manual