Release Date: 28 March 2023
Neo4j 4.4.19 is a maintenance release with many important improvements and fixes.


  • Fixes an issue where recovery would temporarily hold onto more memory than necessary, making it more likely for recovery to run out of heap on recovering very large transactions.
  • Improve error message for unsupported java versions


  • The JWT claim specified in may now also contain a single group returned as a string as well as a list of groups as was previously required.
  • Fixes bug with error message “Unexpected error: out of bounds for object ” when having ORDER BY with a literal in certain cases.
  • Fixed a bug where a query containing predicate without dependencies on any pattern variables would fail at runtime.
  • Fix bug for MERGE queries in pipelined runtime.
  • Fix memory consumption issue of longer running queries in slotted and interpreted runtime.


  • Fixed a bug where dropping a remote alias would not clean up access privileges on it correctly, resulting in any user with a role having that privilege failing to authorize.


  • JVM additional configuration set by environment variable will now stop overriding default jvm configurations.

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