Release Date: 21 December 2023
Neo4j 4.4.29 is a maintenance release with many important improvements and fixes.


  • Prevent background sampling of large indexes from blocking shutdown.


  • Solve by allowing convertible types in reduce. E.g. RETURN reduce(a=[1], b in “a” | a+b) will return [1, “a”] instead of failing with a type error.
  • Fix bug in type checking where the resulting type of a list concatenation could vary depending on which list was to the left and right, respectively, as reported in
  • Update Apache Shiro to 1.13.0


  • Backup privileges from the PUBLIC role (and users) if they are related to the database being backed up.


  • Add setting to specify read transactions on cypher queries.
  • Ensure right protocol is used for http reachability check.
  • Fix element-id showing incorrectly in table.
  • Respect visible field in SSO provider configuration.
  • Only show non-composite aliases in database dropdown
  • Update outdated documentation links


  • Throws a type mismatch error in semantic checking instead of at runtime when Map Projections are done on types that are not: MAP, NODE or RELATIONSHIP, fixing the issue:

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