Release Date: 4 July 2024
Neo4j 4.4.35 is a maintenance release with important fixes.


  • Improved the performance of Consistency Checker on stores with many labels
  • Update log message to error level when index recovery clean-up fails


  • Backup metadata scripts and SHOW PRIVILEGES AS COMMANDS will now correctly escape special characters in node, relationship, property and usernames


  • Fix bug where csv strings were triple quoted
  • Ensure credentials are not left in form after disconnect
  • Avoid running SHOW ALIASES to show only non-composite aliases in database dropdown
  • Fix csv export of 100k+ rows
  • Fix formatting of large duration values

Bundled Packages:

  • Cypher-Shell 4.4.35
  • labs/apoc-
  • products/bloom-plugin-4.x-2.11.0
  • products/neo4j-graph-data-science-2.6.5
  • products/neo4j-ops-manager-agent-1.10.3
4.4 End of Support is November 30, 2025
4.4 Changelog
4.4 Operations manual