Release Date: 9 February 2022
Neo4j 4.4.4 is a maintenance release with many important improvements and fixes.


  • Improved performance of queries containing UNWIND and CALL IN TRANSACTIONS
  • Update netty to 4.1.73.Final to address CVE-2021-43797. Whilst the affected code is not used, this will prevent it from incorrectly flagging it in security scanning tools.
  • Fix a memory leak of the runtime transactional context into the query plan cache
  • Fix an issue where ExpandInto can call get degrees on a dense node when DENY privileges are present. This causes a large amount of unnecessary permissions checks to occur.
  • Introduce access-mode header for Transactional HTTP API.

Detailed Changes and Docs

For the complete list of all changes, please see the changelog. Look for 4.4 Operations manual here.