Release Date: 16 May 2022
Neo4j 4.4.7 is a maintenance release with many important improvements and fixes.


  • Core API blocked from creating composite point indexes. Only single-property point indexes are supported

  • Closing relevant CSV metrics writers when database is shut down


  • added support for remote aliases, transparently proxying queries to remote neo4j instances.

  • Fix bug in Cypher Shell where multi line queries with comments was parsed incorrectly.

Causal Clustering

  • Fix bug where prefetching log entries could get stuck, unable to read new entries from the log.


  • Ignore duplicate property keys in neo4j-admin copy

    The consistency checker will verify that a single node or relationship doesn’t have the same property twice. E.g. A node has both"foo" and"bar". This will be reported as:

    ERROR The property chain contains multiple properties that have the same property key-id, which means that the entity has at least one duplicate property

    This case was not properly handled by neo4j-admin copy and the resulting store would still be inconsistent. Now we filter out duplicate properties, keeping the first value found, and discarding all subsequent values. All removals will be logged into the summary.


  • Fix bug causing autocomplete to no longer work

Changelog and Documentation

4.4 Changelog.
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