Release Date: 27 June 2023

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug in K-Core decomposition that can return invalid values if core values are not consecutive.
  • Fix a bug when using mutateProperty where using the same name as an existing node property could fail. Affected procedures include:
    • gds.alpha.knn.filtered.mutate
    • gds.alpha.nodeSimilarity.filtered.mutate
    • gds.beta.pipeline.linkPrediction.predict.mutate
    • gds.beta.steinerTree.mutate
    • gds.beta.spanningTree.mutate
    • gds.knn.mutate
    • gds.nodeSimilarity.mutate


  • Improved error handling when negative node ids are used as input in the sourceNode, targetNode, sourceNodes, and targetNodes fields.
  • Improved performance when projecting in-memory graphs when projecting larger graphs.