Release Date: 24 June 2013
The 1.9.1 release of Neo4j is a maintenance release that brings more safety features into high-availability cluster deployments, general bug fixes and a small number of API enhancements. In particular this release addresses:
  • Fixed race condition that could have lead to duplication in the getSingleRelationship() in the Core API.
  • Reduces churn in the resource pool for channels and memory in a clustered environment.
  • Individual pages in paged traversals through the REST API can now be streamed like the other parts of the REST API, see the RESTstreaming docs.
  • SSL certificate chains are supported by the Neo4j server for secure interactions with the REST API.
All 1.9 users are recommended to upgrade to this version. Neo4j 1.9.1 does not require any store-level upgrades. For a full summary of changes in this release, please review the CHANGES.TXT file contained within the distribution. As part of the Neo4j 1.9 release series, multiple behaviours and features of Neo4j have been declared as deprecated, in order to help users prepare for the removal of these in the next major Neo4j release. A list of deprecations can be found in the Neo4j manual.