Release Date: 4 February 2014
The 2.0.1 release of Neo4j is a maintenance release, with signficant stability and performance improvements. Notably, this release addresses the following:
  • Improvements to propagation of updates around a HA cluster
  • Improvements in stability when instances join, leave or fail in a HA cluster
  • Addresses performance issues when creating unique constraints
  • Resolves an issue with lost transactions in certain error cases
  • Resolves an issue in Cypher, whereby MERGE could not be used within a FOREACH clause
  • Adds Cypher support for double literals in exponent form
  • Adds Cypher support for UTF-8 characters in identifiers
  • Improves Cypher compile time type inference and resolves several type related issues
  • Addresses several index lookup issues in Cypher, relating to the use of AND and NOT expressions
All Neo4j users are strongly recommended to upgrade to this release. Neo4j 2.0.1 does not require any store-level upgrades from the previous 2.0.0 release. For information about upgrading from Neo4j 1.9 or earlier, please see our Upgrading to Neo4j 2.0 FAQ. For a full summary of changes in this release, please review the CHANGES.TXT file contained within the distribution.