Release Date: 15 April 2014

The 2.0.2 release of Neo4j is a maintenance release.

Notably, this release addresses the following:

  • Adds new Cypher functions for type conversion (toInt, toFloat, toStr).
  • Resolves an issue with some specific Cypher queries that would never terminate.
  • The default value for the ‘keep_logical_logs’ setting has been changed to ‘7 days’ (previously ‘all’), to prevent issues with exahusting disk space in deployments where that setting has not been adjusted.
  • The online backup tool (Neo4j Enterprise) will now switch to a full backup when there are insufficient logical logs available to perform an incremental backup.
  • Corrected a memory leak in transaction management that could result in substantial degredation in performance and stability over time.
  • Resolves a deadlock that could occur during highly concurrent updates and querying.
  • Reduces verbosity of cluster transition logging (Neo4j Enterprise).
  • Resolves several cases where Neo4j instances could become unresponsive during role switching in a HA cluster (Neo4j Enterprise).
  • Corrects several issues with transaction application and recovery, that could result in slow recovery or failure to recover.
  • Resolves an issue where store migration (during upgrade) could fail to handle legacy indexes correctly.