Release Date: 24 December 2015
Neo4j 3.0.0-M02 is a beta release, offering early access to features which are under active development.


  • Upgrade to Lucene 5, with support for upgrading databases with older Lucene versions
  • Bolt supports a single port that accepts connections using TCP, TLS, WebSocket or Secure WebSocket
  • Cypher queries like MATCH (a:A),(b:B) WHERE = may use a hash-join when possible
  • The Shortest Path algorithm now uses an exhaustive Cypher search of the graph in cases where the standard algorithm will fail to find a path. Typically, the exhaustive search is needed when an entire path must be inspected for validity. The fast algorithm usually applies when predicates can be evaluated on a partial path. Use EXPLAIN to check whether your shortestPath may incur an exhaustive search.
  • neo4j-import --delimiter now accepts raw ascii, preceded with a \ followed either by a control character or a decimal ascii code. For example:
    • neo4j-import --delimiter '\t' ...
    • neo4j-import --delimiter '\7' ...

Detailed Changes

For the complete list of all changes, please see the changelog.

Using a Milestone

Milestone releases of Neo4j are provided under our User Experience Improvement Program (UXIP), intended for evaluation purposes only. Use of a milestone implies acceptance of the UXIP terms, which include allowing passive reporting about usage. Of course, we would also love to hear active feedback about your experience. As beta software, milestones are not appropriate for production use. There is no supported upgrade path, and the features and APIs may change before being finalized (hopefully reflecting your feedback).