Release Date: 2 June 2016

Neo4j 3.0.2 is a maintenance release, with important improvements.

NOTE: We’ve uncovered a serious issue with Neo4j Enterprise Edition 3.0.2

While Neo4j Community Edition can be safely used, Neo4j Enterprise Edition should not be used in a production environment.

Known Issues

  • Property record ids may be reused twice after a role switch in HA potentially resulting in overwitten properties
  • Properties may be read inconsistently on slaves in HA when simultaneously pulling updates


  • LOAD CSV compliance with tighter security for file access
  • Geospatial point handling:
    • better handling of Geographic and Cartesian coordinate reference system
    • adoption of GeoJSON for returning points over HTTP
  • Performance improvements:
    • auto-parameterization of lists, resulting in faster IN predicate evaluation
    • property reads without acquiring a read-lock
  • Bug fixes, affecting:
    • yielding node collections or paths from a procedure call
    • out-of-memory issue with PERIODIC COMMIT
    • importing datasets with a significant amount of dense nodes using import-tool

Detailed Changes

For the complete list of all changes, please see the changelog.


Note:Upgrading to Neo4j 3.0.2 may change the internal ids of relationships, which can invalidate any manually maintained relationship references whether in an external system or stored within Neo4j as a property value. Plan to verify and recreate any such storage after the upgrade.

Please read the upgrading section of the Neo4j Operations Manual for details.