Release Date: 5 August 2016
Neo4j 3.1.0-M06 is a beta release offering early access to features which are under active development.



  • Property access is now possible on appropriate expressions PR #7567
  • Add toBoolean and deprecate toInt(), upper(), lower() and rels() PR #7615
  • Introduce new syntax for parameters in Cypher ($param instead of {param}) PR #7558


  • Support user flags in procedures listUsers and showCurrentUser PR #7548


  • Locks are now transaction termination aware by default, and the unsupported.dbms.tx_termination_aware_locks setting has been removed. This means that transactions that wait on locks held by other transactions, now respect when they are manually terminated. PR #7554
  • Read-only databases now open their index files in read-only mode as well. PR #7651

Import Tool:

  • Relationship group chains are defragmented so that dense nodes are read more efficiently. This was recently changed as part of importing relationships per type due to high memory usage. With this change the memory requirements are unchanged, but adds the benefit of relationship groups being co-located on disk per node. PR #7435

Detailed Changes and Docs

For the complete list of all changes, please see the changelog.
Look for Beta docs here

Using a Milestone

Milestone releases of Neo4j are provided under our User Experience Improvement Program (UXIP), intended for evaluation purposes only. Use of a milestone implies acceptance of the UXIP terms, which include allowing passive reporting about usage. Of course, we would also love to hear active feedback about your experience.

As beta software, milestones are not appropriate for production use. There is no supported upgrade path, and the features and APIs may change before being finalized (hopefully reflecting your feedback).