Release Date: 4 October 2016
Neo4j 3.1.0-M10 is a beta release offering early access to features which are under active development.


Security (Enterprise Edition)

  • All security related events are now logged to the new security.log file
  • Introduced support custom security plugins for authentication and authorization
  • Automatically reload auth files from disk every 5 seconds to enable external changes and externally driven cluster synchronisation
  • Added procedures for killing queries

Kernel (Enterprise Edition)

  • Enhance high limit record format allowing for many more relationship types than before. This requires setting dbms.allow_format_migration=true config for stores using this format


  • User Defined Functions and procedure for listing them
  • Several Bugfixes around IN and slices and type-checking


  • Check-consistency, neo4j-backup and import csv tools now can be invoked from neo4j-admin script. The previous method of calling above tools will be deprecated
  • Debian packages now provide upgrade instructions when upgrading from 2.x to 3.x

Detailed Changes and Docs

For the complete list of all changes, please see the changelog.
Look for Beta docs here

Using a Milestone

Milestone releases of Neo4j are provided under our User Experience Improvement Program (UXIP), intended for evaluation purposes only. Use of a milestone implies acceptance of the UXIP terms, which include allowing passive reporting about usage. Of course, we would also love to hear active feedback about your experience.

As beta software, milestones are not appropriate for production use. There is no supported upgrade path, and the features and APIs may change before being finalized (hopefully reflecting your feedback).