Release Date: 13 March 2024

Release (1.10.0)


This is a release with a selection of bug fixes and minor improvements, including a reduction in the need to upgrade for new Neo4j versions.


  • Fetch versions for Upgrade Manager from remote service
  • Provide manual file upload for versions in Upgrade Manager (for Ops Manager deployments that do not have internet access)
  • Introduce WCAG 2.0a a11y testing
  • Update to spring boot 3.2.3


  • Change so that deselecting metrics series no longer resets zoom
  • Change to ensure metric is refreshed when resetting zoom
  • Change to not pad time range when zoomed out
  • Fix bug with versions column in Upgrade page disappearing when a plan is created
  • Remove unnecessary call to product analytics to track page on initial load
  • Handle not being able to connect to server more gracefully
  • Fix issues with chart plot lines and select highlight in dark mode
  • Fix a bug where the spinner added an extra page to the current view rather than showing in the centre of the viewport when switching to a different DBMS.