Release Date: 24 March 2023

Updates (1.4.3)

  • Added support for Neo4j 5.6 in the upgrade manager.

Updates (1.4.2)

  • Added support for Neo4j 5.5 in the upgrade manager.
  • Fixed bug with Windows agent on disk usage collection

Updates (1.4.1)

  • Added support for Neo4j 5.4 in the upgrade manager.

Highlights (1.4.0)

Overview This release is a general maintenance release, with a number of bug fixes and smaller enhancements rather than any significant new feature.
NOTE: Due to some data migration of the persistence data, the first server start may take a number of minutes to complete (depending on size of persistence). This is normal - please wait for it to complete.
  • Support for managed instances with authentication disabled
  • Agent – stop connection attempts after x authentication failures
  • Security – implement recommendations from penetration testing
  • Agent Advisor (see below)
  • Optimisation of agent queries and agent resilience
  • Additional options in agent for errored query logs
  • Ability to view remote agent configuration from within NOM UI
  • Page refresh no longer resets zoom or manual layout changes [fix]
  • Inconsistent topology when upgrading or reusing agent [fix]
  • DBMS Selector at top of page replaced by double-click on topology
  • Rename DBMS from within home page
  • DB: Database reset on refresh [fix]
  • All: Member enable/disable resets zoom [fix]
  • Refactored metric data fetch to run significantly faster ← any stats here
  • Metrics collected at the same time on all instance of a cluster for better alignment
  • Host metrics changes and optimisations
    • CPU usage consolidated – dropdown for user/system
    • Memory consolidated – free/used
    • Memory – optional total RAM line and switch from actual to percentage
    • Swap used – optional total RAM line and switch from actual to percentage
  • Instance metrics changes and optimisations
    • Heap memory consolidated – dropdown for used/committed
    • Page cache consolidated – dropdown for Hit Ratio/Usage Ratio
    • Bolt connections consolidated with dropdown
    • Running, Opened, Closed (New), Idle (New)
    • Garbage collection consolidated – dropdown for Young Gen/Old Gen
    • Disk Usage for directories (Home, Data, Transactions, Metrics, Logs)
    • Optional total disk line and switch from actual to percentage
  • Database Metrics
    • Added disk usage for Data and Transaction directories
    • Added store size for Nodes, Relationships and Properties
  • Scroll now leaves menu at the top
Status Panel
  • Display disk space usage on instance and database (topology)
  • Summary and detailed view of disk space usage by directory (topology)
  • Actuals and percentage of available in directory (topology)
  • Disk space usage columns (total, Data, Transaction Logs) for databases (tabular)
Logs (query logs)
  • Ability to filter by application and type as set by applications
  • Include alerts from Agent Advisor
  • Specific error message in case one of the metrics collector is unsuccessful (disk/cpu/prometheus)
  • Connectivity errors with the monitored instance
  • Authentication error to the monitored instance
  • Query log ingestion connectivity errors (to log4j)
  • Query log buffer overflow
Upgrade Manager
  • Privileges when migrating from 4.4 to 5.x
  • Better support for offline instances in cluster upgrade [fix]
…and More! Updated driver and software versions, many other minor fixes, enhancements and user experience improvements.