Release Date: 13 September 2023

Highlights (1.8.1)


This is a minor release with a selection of bug fixes and improvements.


  • UX improvements across all pages, to improve consistency both within Neo4j Ops Manager and with other Neo4j products. 
  • Add more metrics for Databases: 
    • Checkpoint metrics
    • Count store metrics
    • Store Size data
  • Handle empty values in Query Logs
  • Reduce size of Ops Manager Server bundles
  • Support Neo4j 4.4.25 and 5.12.0 releases in Upgrade Manager


  • Fix format of Teams notification WebHook
  • Fix link from Help -> Community
  • Fix issue with metric threshold alerts where the same threshold would be set for al metrics in the same group (e.g setting a threshold for Disk Used (/Data) would set the same threshold for all Disk Used metrics) 
  • Fix bug when granting access using Security Manager
  • Display appropriate message for unaccepted license in 5.9
  • Improve layout of ‘Message’ column in Alerts table
  • Fix issue with fetching an upgrade plan to upgrade to a Neo4j 4.4.x version
  • Show GDS license issues in About page 
  • Fix issue with showing Status page for an ungraded DBMS where one or more components are no longer being reported by the agent
  • Fix issue with email notification format.  Ensure the SMTP configs username is an email address as some SMTP servers refuse to send emails otherwise
  • Fix issue with apparent discrepancies in disk usage shown in NOM and user observed values. Now NOM reports df -h equivalent disk usage metrics as disk.used for which alerting can be setup. Storage details on the instance status page still match the du -h and ls -al file sizes.