Release Date: 18 January 2024

Release (1.9.0)


This is a catch-up release with a selection of bug fixes and minor improvements.


  • Hardening of authorization layer (reactive/WebFlux security)
  • Improved validation of Neo4j connection parameters
  • Added threshold information to metrics hover cards
  • Support Neo4j 5.16.0 release in Upgrade Manager
  • Add ability to search for database in Database tab in Metrics
  • Granular x axis tick formatting – most appropriate format selected for the current time increments
  • Make Upgrade Manager less cluttered: 
    • Fewer upgrade options shown by default
    • Better sorting
    • Redundant release note links removed


  • Fix issue with notification webhooks possibly not working behind a proxy
  • Fix Pagination bug when filtering in Conditions table
  • Fix bug with long DBMS name breaking Alert Panel on Home Page
  • Fix bug in NOM admin where confirmation dialog stayed open after confirming
  • Fix bug in Page cache Metrics chart where percentages were mis-represented