007 IAC SchemaSmith for Data Governance at JB Hunt – NODES2022 – Donovan Bergin

21 Nov, 2022

Do you want to express your graph in easy-to-read YAML and push an easy button to automate scripts to build out your indexes and constraints? This tool will get you at least 67.8% of the way there! At JB Hunt we are actively working to automate processes, eliminate human errors, and have fun while doing it. Come learn about how we’re making our lives easier so you can make your life easier, too! Speakers: Donovan Bergin Format: Full Session 30-45 min Level: Intermediate Topics: #Database, #ShippingandLogistics, #Intermediate Region: AMERICAS Slides: https://dist.neo4j.com/nodes-20202-slides/007%20IAC%20SchemaSmith%20for%20Data%20Governance%20at%20JB%20Hunt%20-%20NODES2022%20AMERICAS%20Intermediate%203%20-%20Donovan%20Bergin.pptx Visit https://neo4j.com/nodes-2022 learn more at https://neo4j.com/developer/get-started and engage at https://community.neo4j.com

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