056 Better Testing With Testcontainers – NODES2022 – Gerrit Meier

21 Nov, 2022

Early in the process of writing applications, you have to decide how to run your integration tests. Will they hit a dedicated testing instance of Neo4j that is always running, or will you use the embedded instance? There is a third option: starting a database before testing and stopping it after testing. Most of the time, this may require some manual scripting around test execution, but there is a much easier method: using testcontainers with a Neo4j module. In this session, you’ll learn how to start new instances of the database along with your tests whenever needed, take control of the lifetime of the container, and expose connection information needed for testing. With this, your testing infrastructure becomes much more portable and there is no need to share credentials of the test server in the future. Speakers: Gerrit Meier Format: Lighting Talk 10-15 min, Full Session 30-45 min Level: Intermediate Topics: #BestPractices, #General, #Intermediate Region: APAC Slides: https://dist.neo4j.com/nodes-20202-slides/056%20Better%20Testing%20With%20Testcontainers%20-%20NODES2022%20-%20APAC%20Intermediate%207%20-%20Gerrit%20Meier.pdf Visit https://neo4j.com/nodes-2022 learn more at https://neo4j.com/developer/get-started and engage at https://community.neo4j.com

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