Best of NODES 2023 – Application Testing

20 Dec, 2023

Best of NODES 2023 – Application Testing We are looking back at a few of the best sessions from NODES 2023 Watch all of NODES: 1) Better Integration Tests for Neo4j Applications With Testcontainers Testing applications that work with graph databases is hard, but without robust integration tests, you cannot ship with confidence. In this session, Oleg will explore how Testcontainers libraries allow you programmatically create, manage lifecycle, and configure ephemeral instances of Neo4j. From spinning up individual Neo4j services to creating more complex topologies, your tests are in control of the environment and run the same in any development environment or in CI. Whether you’re working on the JVM, writing Go, .NET, or node.js apps, the Testcontainers approach gives your flexibility and confidence to test your code reliably. By the end of this session, you’ll learn enough to start testing your Neo4j applications without breaking a sweat. Slides: 2) Streamline Your Development With GitHub Actions: Build, Test, and Deploy Custom Code In this session for developers and data engineers working with Neo4j, you’ll discover how GitHub Actions can streamline your development process for custom procedures and functions. Chris will show you how to create a GitHub Actions workflow that runs on every commit and push to your GitHub repository, enabling you to automate the build, testing, and deployment of your latest changes. You’ll also learn how to speed up your integration process by using GitHub Actions to automatically deploy your Java plugin to your remote server, without any manual steps. Slides: #Introductory #tools #Best Practices # Java #General #Neo4j #graphdatabase #testing

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