Best of NODES 2023 – GenAI

20 Dec, 2023

Best of NODES 2023 – GenAI We are looking back at a few of the best sessions from NODES 2023 Watch all of NODES: 1) Fine-Tuning an Open-Source LLM for Text-to-Cypher Translation In this session, Jonas will demonstrate how to fine-tune a large language model to generate Cypher statements from natural language input, allowing users to interact with Neo4j databases intuitively and without knowledge of #Cypher. In contrast to using third-party APIs to powerful models like GPT-4, a self-trained and self-hosted model has advantages regarding data privacy, controllability, and more. You’ll learn all about the training process, the training dataset, the associated costs, and the challenges you might encounter. 2) Using LLMs to Convert Unstructured Data to Knowledge Graphs Discover how Large Language Models (LLMs) can unlock insights within text, social media, and web content. In this session, Noah will demonstrate how LLMs can be used for entity extraction, semantic relationship recognition, and context inference to generate interconnected knowledge graphs. This session will hopefully inspire you to harness LLMs for your uses of unstructured data. 3) Fluffy and Fido on the Go: Applying Graph Data and AI to Hack Pet Travel Ever grappled with the difficulties of traveling with your cherished pet? Discovering the perfect location can require considerable research as you scour the web for pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, green spaces, and more. Furthermore, the urgency of finding an available veterinarian nearby in the event of a pet medical emergency can add to the stress. In this session, the presenters will guide you on how to leverage publicly-available data to locate pet-friendly accommodations, store this information in Neo4j, and combine Neo4j with Artificial Intelligence to find ideal places for you and your pet to stay, dine, and enjoy. The presenters will build an application using Spring Boot and Spring AI, deploy it to Azure Spring Apps, and demonstrate both the app and the Neo4j Bloom visualization tool for additional data insights. By attending this session, you will learn how to streamline your pet travel planning process, allowing more time to enjoy your adventure with your four-legged friend. Slides: #Introductory #Java #AuraDB #API #Visualization #Cloud #Travel #Recommendations #Neo4j #llm #rag #genai

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