Best of NODES 2023 – Graphs in Action

20 Dec, 2023

Best of NODES 2023 – Graphs in Action We are looking back at a few of the best sessions from NODES 2023 Watch all of NODES: 1) Graphs Enabling Glycoscience Increasing evidence indicates that tumour-associated glycans play an important role during malignancy. Aberrant tumour-specific glycosylation is the result of alterations in glycan biosynthesis pathways. This intricate process involves multiple steps and can have significant impact on a cells glycan repertoire. Glycans form tree-like structures, and the position and connectivity of individual monomers and their attachment to proteins is important. Analysis of glycan patterns depends on how monomers are connected to each other and the number and order of monomers in tree-like structures. In this session, Karina and Alex will describe how graphs are used to represent clinically meaningful glycomics data and and how Neo4j helps with managing complex biological data collections to help fight cancer. 2) Ingesting Graph Data With Nodestream Nodestream is a Fast, Declarative, and Extensible ETL Framework for Graph Databases. In this session, Zach will demonstrate and walk you through getting started with Nodestream to build a real-world graph application from scratch. #lifescience #healthcare #neo4j #graphdatabase #etl #framework

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