Euro 2024 Special: Exploring World Cup History with Neo4j

04 Jul, 2024

A few days before the UEFA Euro 2024 final, join us for a livestream where Pierre Halftermeyer will explore the Fjelstul World Cup Database, ingested as a graph into Neo4j. This comprehensive dataset, created by Joshua C. Fjelstul, Ph.D., covers all 22 FIFA World Cup tournaments from 1930 to 2022. We’ll showcase a dynamic dashboard built with NeoDash, displaying stats, fun facts, maps, charts, graph paths, and dynamic PageRank computations to identify the best teams over time. Additionally, we’ll demonstrate a FIFA World Cup chatbot powered by NeoConverse. Guest: Pierre Halftermeyer Fjelstul Database: NeoDash: neoconverse: GenAI Ecosystem: #neo4j #graphdatabase #football #soccer #euro2024 #uefa #fifa #dashboard #datavisualization

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