Getting the Word out on Knowledge Graphs with Leann Chen (June 2024)

03 Jun, 2024

Our guest today is another fellow advocate and knowledge graph guru – Leann Chen. We also cover the NODES 2024 call for proposals and include tips and tricks for submitting to speak at a conference. Show Notes: Speaker Resources: * Diffbot * Tomaz Bratanic’s Medium blog: * What is DSP/DSPy? Tools of the Month: * cypher-shell command line tool * Langchain/Diffbot graph transformer * st-cytoscape Announcements / News: * NODES 2024 CfP resources: ** GraphStuff episode ** NODES submission tips: ** How to Submit a Technical Presentation Articles: * Topic Extraction with Neo4j GDS for Better Semantic Search in RAG applications * Using LlamaParse to Create Knowledge Graphs from Documents * Going Meta: Wrapping Up GraphRAG, Vectors, and Knowledge Graphs * Unveiling the Mahabharata’s Web: Analyzing Epic Relationships with Neo4j Graph Database (Part 1) * Bringing the Mahabharata Epic to Life: A Neo4j-Powered Chatbot with Google Gemini (Part 2) Videos: * NODES 2023 playlist Events: * Full Neo4j event list:

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