GraphQL Book Club – Chapter 7: Adding Authorization And Authentication

16 Jan, 2023

Follow along as we cover the main points and work through the exercises of each chapter of the book Full Stack GraphQL Applications. This chapter of Full Stack GraphQL Book Club covers authorization and authentication with the Neo4j GraphQL Library and Auth0. Will Lyon: Fullstack GraphQL Applications with React, Node.js, and Neo4j: Jason Web Tokens: Auth with GraphQL Library: Cypher Cheat Sheet: 0:00 Intro 3:20 Authorization is boring? 9:25 Authorization Headers & Tokens 10:40 JSON Web Tokens 14:50 Authentication Rules & Roles 31:55 Auth0 33:50 Raffle 37:00 Chapter 7 Exercises 1:05:06 Q&A 1:12:00 WrapUp #graphql #neo4j #graphdatabase #book

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