GraphQL Book Club – Chapter 8: Deploying Our Full Stack GraphQL Application

19 Jan, 2023

Follow along as we cover the main points and work through the exercises of each chapter of the book Full Stack GraphQL Applications. Deploying a full stack GraphQL application using Netlify, AWS Lambda, Auth0, and Neo4j AuraDB is the focus of this chapter of the Full Stack GraphQL book club! We’ll review the key points and work our way through the exercises from Chapter 8. Will Lyon: Fullstack GraphQL Applications with React, Node.js, and Neo4j: 0:00 Intro 4:30 Deploying on the Modern Cloud 8:10 Deployment from the Developer’s Perspective 12:35 Aura & Netlify in Practice 15:50 Q&A 20:15 Raffle 22:00 Chapter 8 Exercises 1:08:15 Q&A 1:10:10 Wrap-Up Neo4j AuraDB Netlify AWS Lambda Netlify Github Repository: Neo4j GraphQL Library Manual: Neo4j Bloom Manual: Netlify Functions: #graphql #neo4j #graphdatabase #book #deployment #netlify #awslambda

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