Humanitarian AI and Neo4j Q&A Session: Graphing IATI Aid Activity Data for LLM Powered Chatbots

05 Dec, 2023

Interested in setting up a Neo4j graph database to power your chatbot? This Q&A session guest hosted by Neo4j will provide insight on how XML data can be loaded and stored in a graph database for use by Large Language Model powered conversational AI applications. Jennifer Reif, a Developer Advocate at Neo4j, will answer questions for students and others interested in loading aid activity information reported in compliance with IATI, an XML standard widely used across the humanitarian community by aid organizations and donors, into a Neo4j graph database. The Q&A session will touch on setting up, formatting and searching the database and cover optimizing the database for traversal by LLMs. We’ll open the Q&A session with a couple of lightning talks on data security and humanitarian applications of large language models, including talks by Liz Rigby, Communications and Engagement Manager with the UK Humanitarian Innovation Hub, Valentin Pistorozzi, Co-founder of Boldcode, and Shvaang Sharma a PhD Researcher & Lecturer specializing in humanitarian technologies. Resources discussed: Jennifer Reif Slides: Rory Scott’s work on delivery chain mapping. APOC: APOC Merge: A description of a RAG setup using Neo4j and GPT is described here : APOC: Knowledge graph based chatbot with GPT 3 and Neo4j – Tomaz Bratanic
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