Learn with Neo4j: Deploy Neo4j applications using Netlify

30 Nov, 2022

After Adam’s appearance on the Learn With Jason show earlier in the year to talk about Neo4j, we thought we would return the favour by inviting Jason to educate us on deploying our Neo4j projects using Netlify. We will look at the various Netlify features available for deploying a Node.js application that connects to a Neo4j Aura database. Links: https://www.netlify.com/ Learn with Jason API: https://lwj-api.netlify.app/api/episodes 0:00 Intro 4:58 Interview with Jason 30:00 Importing Learn with Jason into Neo4j 1:20:53 WrapUp Jason Lengstorf Twitter: https://twitter.com/jlengstorf Web: https://www.learnwithjason.dev/ Adam Cowley Twitter: https://twitter.com/adamcowley Adam on Learn with Jason: https://www.learnwithjason.dev/build-neo4j-applications-with-node-js #neo4j #graphdatabase #netlify

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