Neo4j Live: Advancements in Querying and Data Importing

14 May, 2024

Let’s dive into the latest updates in Neo4j’s Query and Import tools. We’ll showcase exciting new features for our Query tool, including enhanced syntax highlighting, code linting, upgraded graph visualization, improved table rendering, and quick search capabilities. Plus, we take a look at the revamped Data Importer and the official VS Code plugin for Neo4j. Don’t miss this practical demo designed to elevate your Neo4j development experience with these powerful new tools! Guest: Greg King, Neo4j Workspace Preview: Neo4j AuraDB: Data Importer: APOC: Cypher Language Support: VS Code Plugin: 0:00 Intro 6:40 Query & Import Tools and Updates 10:15 Data Importer 19:45 Updates to Query & Language Support 54:15 VS Code Plugin 58:00 Q&A 1:02:50 Wrap-Up #neo4j #graphdatabase #database #dataimport #querylanguage #development

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