Neo4j Live: An Ethereum Network Explorer – Visualising Addresses interactions

28 Sep, 2022

Ever wondered what some interactions between Ethereum Addresses would look like? This project is a small attempt to try and understand significant events by visualising the transaction flow of a given Address. With enough search depth, we can discover a lot in a public blockchain like Ethereum. This project takes advantage of the built in capabilities and features of Neo4j for Graphs structuring and data exploration. And, also Elixir’s easy process management to build a network in a concurrent way. 0:00 Welcome 8:09 Overview 13:55 Problem: Scammers 34:30 Demo: Setup 39:30 Demo: Visualisation & Query 53:00 Demo: Ingestion 55:50 Demo: Visualisation & Query Part 2 59:20 Blockchain Events 1:04:50 WrapUp Interesting Links: Elixir Driver for Neo4j: GIthub Repository: Diogo Viana on the web: – twitter: – github: – Check out for questions and discussions around Neo4j

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