Neo4j Live: Enhanced QA Integrating Unstructured Knowledge Graph Using Neo4j and LangChain

13 Dec, 2023

Information retrieval and knowledge extraction is a growing field, which has witnessed a notable shift with the advent of Large Language Models (LLMs) and knowledge graphs, particularly within the context of multi-hop question answering. In this session, we’ll walk you through a project that leverages the robust capabilities of Neo4j Vector Index and Neo4j Graph Database to implement a retrieval-augmented generation system, aiming to provide precise and contextually rich answers to user queries. Guest: Saurav Joshi Blog: Code: Google Gemini: Multi Modal RAG: Slides:–NHxHvd2WwE3aHRQ 0:00 Intro 9:55 Enhanced QA 10:33 Neo4j x LangChain 12:30 Benefits of Knowledge Graphs 14:54 RAG Workflow 19:58 Vector Search 22:28 Graph Search 28:30 Q&A 32:50 Code: RAG 42:45 Code: Knowledge Graph 47:05 Code: RAG (continued) 50:55 Q&A 1:03:33 WrapUp #neo4j #graphdatabase #langchain #llm #knowledgegraph #rag #largelanguagemodels #chatbot

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