Neo4j Live: SustainGraph – A Knowledge Graph for Sustainable Development

01 Feb, 2023

In this talk, we are going to navigate through SustainGraph. SustainGraph is a Knowledge Graph that is developed in the framework of the ARSINOE H2020 project to track information related to the progress towards the achievement of targets defined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at national and regional levels. The SustainGraph aims to act as a unified source of knowledge around information related to the SDGs, by taking advantage of the power provided by the development of graph databases and the exploitation of Machine Learning (ML) techniques for data population, knowledge production and analysis. Upon providing an overview of the main entities represented in SustainGraph, a demonstration session is going to take place. We are going to navigate in the graph based on a set of queries, produce visualizations and examine ML-driven data population pipelines. SustainGraph publication: GitLab repository: ARSINOE project: Participatory Socio-Environmental Systems Modeling over Knowledge Graphs: Neo4j APOC: Neo4j neosemantics: NeoDash: 0:00 Intro 9:05 Arsinoe Overview 32:30 Q&A 38:30 SustainGraph Demo 50:05 Q&A 1:04:00 Wrap-Up Twitter accounts: #neo4j #graphdatabase #database #knowledgegraph #sustainability #sdgs #unitednations

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