Neo4j Live: Type & Refactoring Safety in User-Defined Procedures

15 Nov, 2023

User-Defined Procedures (UDPs) are methods written in Java that are directly deployed into the Neo4j database. They are powerful but there is no mechanism to ensure type or refactoring safety. Elena and Jens present a framework for enhancing the UDP-writing experience by – ensuring type and refactoring safety, – providing auto-completion and – offering graph schema validation Links: NODES 2023 – Unleash the Magic of User-Defined Procedures Slides – How to extend Cypher – Github – 0:00 Intro 3:17 Elena & Jens 6:50 Setting the Scene 16:45 Demo 34:15 Usual Solution 55:34 Solution with User-Defined Procedures 1:09:10 Q&A 1:15:38 Wrap-Up Guests: Elena Kohlwey – Jens Deininger – #neo4j #graphdatabase #procedures #refactoring

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