Neo4j Meet Up Malmö, Nov 26 2019

01 Jul, 2020

MalmöJS Meetup @Neo4j 24/11/2019 1. Using Electron Browser Views to create multithreaded electron layouts (Hugo Bove, from With Electron you can easily build multi-process native UIs, all in Javascript. It’s performant and intuitive and allows separate teams to completely own their parts of the application without getting in each other’s hairs. 2. The Dark Side of Javascript (Ali Arafati, JavaScript is fascinating. How can a dynamic language, with such horror and chaos, without any context, clues and static types, get adjusted and run at an extremely fast pace? Let’s dive in! 3. Ubiquitous cloud development with serverless js and React (Stephen White, from Serverless JS gives those twitchy JS developers great DX but also the guarantees of TDD allowing for global deployment and scalability while maintaining the Ubiquity of JS in all layers of your application

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