NODES 2022 Best Of! Day 2

21 Dec, 2022

NODES 2022 Best Of! Day 2 Re-Run of NODES 2022 Best of! Watch the top rated sessions from NODES during our re-runs! These are recorded sessions from NODES 2022. More videos from NODES: 1) Neo4j Lectures of the Stanford CS224W Course – Zihao Zhang This Stanford University lecture of the course CS224W (in Chinese language) is “Machine Learning with Graphs” Speakers: Zihao Zhang 2) Building a Visual Rail Planner with NeoDash – Niels De Jong NeoDash is an open-source dashboard builder for Neo4j. As part of Neo4j Labs, you can use NeoDash for free in Neo4j Desktop to render force-directed graphs, tables, bar charts, line charts, and more. The latest version of NeoDash comes packed with a variety of tools for visualizing graphs with spatial properties. In this session, we explore how to visualize a real graph on a map – and customize the visualization to use live properties from Neo4j. Speakers: Niels De Jong 3) Building a Neo4j/Python OGM – Estelle Scifo Leverage Cypher map projections and Python dynamic typing to build an Object Graph Mapper for Neo4j. In this step-by-step session, you’ll learn how to get started on such a project, from defining the framework API to automatically building Cypher queries. Speakers: Estelle Scifo Slides:

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