NODES 2022 Best Of! Day 3

21 Dec, 2022

Watch the top rated sessions from NODES during our re-runs! These are recorded sessions from NODES 2022. More videos from NODES: 1) A Developer’s Guide to Building a Graph Project Value Case – Rik Van Bruggen This presentation is designed to teach developers how to build a graph project value case. We will discuss why building business cases can be so complicated and explore ways to simplify the process. Then we will learn how to put a value case into practice while referencing some real-world examples. Speakers: Rik Van Bruggen Slides: 2) CloudScreen A Graph-Based Drug Repurposing Platform Empowered by Machine Learning In this session, we’ll present in silico drug repurposing through machine learning analysis of a biochemical knowledge graph. Drug repurposing is the process that identifies the use of an existing drug to a novel protein target. This procedure can save a lot of time and funds during drug discovery and development phases. The session will demonstrate the integration of heterogenous chemical, biological, and clinical data in a biochemical knowledge graph. The application of machine learning aims to perform link prediction in the graph and identify novel targets for existing drugs. An end-to-end workflow, combining both theoretical and practical parts, will be presented. The key concepts will be introduced, while samples of code and queries will follow each step of the pipeline. Speakers: Sotiris Ouzounis, Alexandros Kanterakis, Vasilis Panagiotopoulos Slides: 3) Neo4j With Docker and Docker Compose Deep Dive – Christophe Willemsen This session will go over using Neo4j with Docker and Docker compose, presenting tips and tricks on basic usage, an explanation of the Docker image itself, backups and restore and building custom images extending the official Neo4j image. Speakers: Christophe Willemsen

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